How Do I Enter My Data?

The Basics

To Begin a Session, Click the “Add Session” button
Enter the data for your session:

  • Distance: How far from Basket?
  • Putts per set: How many putts will you take per set?
  • Condition: Calm or Windy or Wet Hand
  • Putt Type: Regular or Straddle
  • Terrain: Flat or Uphill or Downhill
From the Session Stats page you can swipe to add notes for that session. Some examples of notes include:
Severe wind 30+mph
Very steep down hill session
My wife was talking to me
Hyzer putts around obstacle
Testing new grip
Putting with music
Timing how long it takes to make 100 putts.
Add a set by clicking the “Add Set” button in the bottom right-hand corner
Here you will keep track of your putts for the set. The only Putts that you should count in your head are “Dots”(Metal, Cage and above, NO pole), As you walk to the basket after finishing the set, enter the “Dots”, you can tap the data field and a keyboard will pop-up which  is the fastest way or use the +/-,  then count the “Flushes” (discs in the basket) and enter that number. Hit “Done” and “Save”. This will take you back to the Sessions page and you can look at your percentages.Add as many sets as you want.
If you chose to use the “Comeback” option for the given session, then when you hit “Save” button from the set entry page this is what you will see next. Enter the number of “Comeback” putts that you made and hit “Submit”. Now you will know from X distance what % of the time you make the comeback. You will know the probable outcome of every putting situation. This can be a tremendous confidence builder.