What is a dot?

You record a dot in the set entry page when you hit metal on the cage or above.

Why don’t I get a dot for hitting the pole?

Hitting the pole is a miss. the target is cage and above. It was not a good putt. Kind of like ball golf, hitting a green is not skipping off the green and into the bunker. The ball has to stick on the green

Why do I count dots only when in a set?

Keeping track of Dots, & flushes and trying to concentrate on the put is to much clutter in your brain.  That is why we count only dots in a set. At the end of your set enter the number of dots as you walk to the basket and then count the flushes in the basket and enter that number. If it adds any time to your set it will only be 1-2 seconds.

Why should I record Dots? All I care about is the flush percentage.

That is one of the great things about this app. You can abandon the dots, no big deal. For me, I like to watch the dot percentage go down as the flush percentage goes up over time. Also, as I move to the outer edges of my range where I am not hitting 100% dots and flushes it is a great indicator of my improvement over time. For instance, in the analyses section for 45ft flat, calm, regular putts I can watch my miss percentage go down as my dot & flush percentage goes up. And I can see how many putts it took me to move my flush percentage X amount of points. You will also know if you are standing over a down hill 35 footer whether or not you are likely to get a dot and stay close to the pin. You won’t know that if you don’t enter your dots

One of your conditions is Wet Hand, Really?

Not many players are going to practice in the rain but I bet they will use a wet towel or putt in the wet grass to simulate a rainy day.   Don’t get caught in a tournament in the rain without having practiced with a wet hand. It doesn’t take much rain to make it impossible to keep your hand dry.  Try “Dry Hands” to help with your grip on a rainy day.

Why should I record “Comebacks”?

You don’t have to. I only use that option when putting from a distance that I am less than 50% dots and Flushes.

How many putters do I need?

That really depends on how much time you want to spend walking back and forth to the basket verses actually putting. I have a lot of putters. All of them 175gms. I always use 10 or more, sometimes up to 30. If I use 30 I will open 2-3 different sessions and put a stack of 10-15 at each station. That keeps it from getting old putting from the same place over & over.

How many sets can I put in a session?

As many as you like. 100 putts will give you a solid indication of what your Dot & Flush percentage will be from that distance.

I don’t have much time to practice, How long does it take to make 100 putts?

Using 20 putters per set, not rushing, my normal putting routine and no interruptions about 15-16 minutes. Use the Stop watch feature on your iPhone to time a few sets.

What are the “Session Notes” for?

Write a note about that particular session: 30 mph headwind, Severe downhill session, elapsed time for a session, testing new grip, testing new stance, wife talking to me about my obnoxious brother, Loud music playing on headset, neighbor pressure washing his house, Standing in Fire Ants, Drunk neighbor won’t go away and let me practice,  Putting over Mother-in-laws car because she parked in front of the basket, Anhyzer putts around an obstacle