About Us

ProPutt was a the product of a collaboration between an avid disc golfer and an iOS developer.

Tyler Smith

Tyler is the Co-Founder of Benty, a tech company who currently develops iOS and web apps geared towards K-12 schools. He is also currently pursuing his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of South Carolina. In addition, he has created multiple websites and iOS apps as part of a freelance effort.


Email: moc.liamg@41htimstrelyt
Twitter: 41htimstrelyt@


Jeff Moore

PDGA#41147. I am what you call a Disc Golf retread. I started playing 20 years ago and played about 3-4 years and then basically quit for about 15 years and started back when my nephew saw my discs and wanted to play.

Since then I play whenever I get the chance and sometimes when I shouldn’t. Yes, Even though my wife says I am not addicted I probably fall into that category.

Pro Putt came about because I had no way to gather statistics on the most important part of my game. I had the PDGA to track tournament rounds and give me a rating but I had no way to see a history of my putting improvement over time. At first I kept A record of “Dots and Flushes” in the notes on my iPhone but it was very slow and very cumbersome to enter the data and calculate my percentages. So eventually  it occurred to me to get somebody to write an App for that. First it was just going to be for myself. Then it became for myself and a few friends. Then it became “Hey, why not share it with other disc golf addicts and maybe it will pay for some of my disc golf addiction”. So here we are.


Email: proputapp@gmail.com

Twitter: @proputt