Practice with purpose.

ProPutt enables you to track every putt you take. This will allow you to compile data about your game in various situations based on putt type, conditions, and terrain.



Measure your progress.

With your putting data, you'll be able to determine your strengths and weaknesses. You'll also gain insight into your likelihood of making any shot you throw. This is important knowledge when it comes time to hit the course!



Lower your scores.

It won't take long before all your practice pays off! You'll find yourself making better decisions on the course and throwing every shot with more confidence. These factors will consistently shave strokes off your game.

"I have used Pro Putt many times and was very surprised how motivated I became after seeing my stats after a 30 minute session"

Brent J.

"Now that I know how to use it, It’s a $2.99 app"

Jay S.

"“It took me 320 putts over 21 days┬áto move my 30ft flat, calm putting average 12%”"

Jeff M.

Track your stats, Lower your scores

ProPutt is a powerful disc golf putting app that gives you the ability to track your practice with a purpose. By implementing the ProPutt method into your routine, you’ll be able to easily see where you’re most effective and where you may need a bit more practice. When you hit the course, you’ll know your exact percentages of making each type of shot that will allow you to easily determine whether to “Go For It” or “Lay Up”.

Overtime you’ll improve on your weaknesses, which will give you confidence with every shot. This newfound confidence and strategic analysis will quickly lead to consistently lower scores.